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Under 14 6 Week Horse Care Course

The under 14 horse care course will be held on Saturday mornings.

You will learn about the basics of caring for the horses, including grooming, feeding, mucking out, cleaning tack, learning their colors and marking.  There will also be an arts and crafts session where you will have the chance to hand paint and decorate horse shoes, make cards or draw pictures as well as making a real horse hair picture.

On the last week will hold a fun competition and all participants will get a rosette and certificate.

This is £26.50 per week per child an will run from 10-12.

Currently taking names for Spring 2018 course

(Ages 5+ Maximum 4 children per course)

Small Strides Foundation Level 1 Horse care Certificate

Small Strides Foundation Level 1 Horse Care Certificate is aimed at secondary school students on-ward's. The course is ideal for those either wanting to gain more experience with horse or those wanting to go onto work in the equine industry. The courses are designed and delivered by our Small Strides facilitator. We run the course at a level equivalent to an NVQ.

We specialize in working with children on the autistic spectrum and with additional educational needs and take on students from all levels of ability.

The Foundation Level 1 Horse Care Certificate covers all aspects of horse care and stable management. The course is made up of different modules which include feeding and watering horses, health and safety, grooming and preparing for a show, natural training methods and more 


Throughout the course evidence needs to be provided to show and document that students have shown a full understanding of each module. Each student will have their own portfolio to document their evidence which will consist of the following:

Theory – Questions will be asked and students will needs to write a sufficient amount to show understanding of each question.

Photographic Evidence (practical) – The assessor / facilitator will take photos of your practical work as you work through each module and reference this in your portfolio.

Learning Diary – A learning diary is a tool of reflection. It helps the student to assess what he/she has learned on the course. The aim of a learning diary is to summarize / analyze and comment on the lessons. As such it replaces or supplements an essay or final exam. A learning Diary will be provided for each module

These courses at present are run 1-1, however we can tailor these to small groups if required. On completion of the course the student will have a portfolio, along with their certificate which can be added on the students CV.

Please get in contact with the center if you are wanting more information on applying for a place on this course - 07817997568

Whats Involved?

Equine Guided Meditation Workshops

Do you feel over-whelmed and low by the unrelenting stress of everyday life?

Do you feel physically and mentally exhausted and long to just get away from it all and relax?

If You are ready to let go and let the horses fill you with a sense of well-being and content being in their presence...then this workshops is for you.


Workshops are £40 per person will run from 10-2.

Dates to be confirmed - please see page for more info on these workshops.

Spaces limited so please book in advance to guarantee a place.

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