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Reviews & Feedback

What My Clients Are Saying


" Excellent. The horses are all very friendly and patient. Jenny is very friendly and accommodating to all. I look forward to my sessions every fortnight and they have had a big impact on my mental health and confidence. I highly recommend small strides to everyone! "

" I have been taking my 6 year old son to small strides for the last 3 weeks.. he has autism & concentrating difficulties but has a deep love of animals especially horses... after only 3 sessions he has progressed to being able to just cope with 30 mins to now a full hour session & is absolutely loving it!.... jenny is lovely.. very professional & extremely patient & I'm over the moon with my little boys progress so far! Thanks jenny! "

`I immensely enjoy Small Strides because it has taught me so many simple yet effective ways of handling the horses there. I have also built up a great bond with the horses, thanks to the wonderful guidance of Jenny, who is in charge. So yes, I highly recommend Small Strides if you are so interested in being with horses. '

" My son was scared of horses but now he won't leave them a alone only after 4 sessions. He is so confident, he loves going and never wants to leave. He has built up a lot of trust with jenny he thinks a lot of her. He is looking forward to many more sessions"

"The difference in my daughters behaviour after a session with Jenny is amazing. She loves her time at Small Strides and I love watching her become totally calm and relaxed. I wish she could do it every day."

"Small Strides does amazing work with vulnerable people and I think anyone who goes there can't help but feel better after being there. I always turned up stressed but felt so much calmer after spending time with these peaceful, beautiful animals in such tranquil surroundings. You learn so much about horses, animals in general and yourself as well"


"Small strides is a great organization who slowly introduce you into working with horses. I like horses but I'm not round them very often and in the short time I was with small strides Jenny and the horses helped to build my confidence. Lovely place. Highly recommend."

"Small strides is amazing, my clients at work love going there and learning new things. Jenny's work is really good and she is really helping my clients!"

 I Had a lovely morning at Bristol community links coffee morning with small strides. Our guys loved Jo Jo and Sky☀️🐴🐎 Thank you Jenny MacSharry "