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Safety & Legal Information

Small Strides CIC is Bristol's Leading Trauma Informed Equine Facilitated Learning Centre.
Below is information on some of our most relevant policies, insurance and risk assessments.


Child Protection

All staff working directly with the children here at Small Strides CIC undergo regular Child Protection Training. Jenny MacSharry is the designated Child Protection Officer. Please follow the link below to view our Child Protection Policy.

Adult Safeguarding

All Staff working directly with adults in our service are trained regularly in Adult Safeguarding. Jenny MacSharry is our designated Adult Safeguarding Officer. Please follow the link below to view our Safeguarding Adults Policy.


We hold a valid Professional and Public Liability Insurance Policy with BALENS for Equine Assisted Therapy (£500,000) and Natural Horsemanship (£500,000).


It is recognized that activities with horses carry risks. However, as an Equine Facilitated Learning Centre, we aim to minimize that risk by using trained horses under supervision of professional staff. We assess the capabilities of participants and horses plus external risk factors (such as weather) during EACH session. All our activities are risk assessed and continuously reviewed – risk assessments are available on request. To date we have had no accidents or reportable incidents at our centre.


Small Strides CIC is run by Jenny MacSharry. Jenny is the Director and Lead Facilitator here at the centre.


We currently have a team of 5 volunteers who look after the yard and horses on days we do not run sessions. 
Any volunteers who work while sessions take place will have had two checked references and a DBS check. Volunteers who help with sessions will have been trained in horse safety and how to assist clients. They will not be in sole charge of the sessions.


Our team of horses are respected as partners in our work, and are matched appropriately to activities and clients. Our horses undergo appropriate training to prepare them for their roles in the team.  I thrive to keep their environment as natural as possible, having a track system in place and keeping them living out as much as possible. The horses have regular treatments including; Reiki, Massage, Cranial-Sacral Therapy, Essential Oils and Herbs and Animal Communication sessions. Participants are encouraged to be actively involved with the care and wellbeing of the horses, and any physical abuse towards the horses will not be tolerated under any circumstances.