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Here at Small Strides we offer our 6 or 12 week therapeutic horsemanship programs. Sessions are held on our private yard in a relaxed and supportive environment which can help people with social skills, increasing confidence, raise self-esteem and self-awareness and also learning new skills whilst most importantly having fun.

The practical and social skills gained, transfer to the participants life away from us, empowering them to feel they can contribute more fully to the wider community.

We are very person centered so the activities offered will be suited to the individual needs and abilities of the client, but also encouraging choices and responsibilities.

Therapeutic horsemanship sessions are 1-1 or small groups of up to 4 people on request. We are unique in offering person centered 1-1 sessions as we feel the individual can really flourish in this type of setting with this support.

We currently run sessions on a Tuesday and Friday between the hours of 9-6, we are easily assess-able from both bath and Bristol by car or public transport. We also offer transport to those who for whatever reason cannot get to us, this is at a cost of 45p per mile.

We have 3 horses that are our main therapy horses called Blue, JO JO and Sky and 1 in training called Bently.

Activities include;

  • Horse Care – learn how to care for the horses needs including grooming, feeding, mucking out the stables and field management.


  • Basic Horse Training – learn the basics on how to effectively train horses using positive and negative reinforcement.


  • Studying Horse Behavior and Body Language – learn how horses interact with each other in their natural environment and learn how to read their body language, a great skill to know when working with these beautiful animals.


  • Arts and Crafts – make a picture from real horse hair, paint and design horse shoes, even paint the horses!!


  • Games and other Fun Activities – learn the basics of the 7 Parelli games and how great these are when working with the horses, design your own fun obstacle course are learn how to effectively maneuver one of the horses through it, treasure hunts, guess the tools and more.


  • Working at Liberty – learn how to work with the horse at ‘one’ with no lead ropes of head-collars and how great it feels to have this connection with them


  • And More…..

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