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Improving mental, emotional and physical well-being through the interaction with horses in nature.


Located in the picturesque South Cotswolds, Small Strides offers a secure and supportive environment for individuals of all ages to enhance their mental, emotional, and physical well-being by engaging with horses and immersing themselves in nature. As a registered Alternative Provision, we specialize in Equine Facilitated Learning also known as Therapeutic Horsemanship, catering to Neurodivergent children and adults, individuals from underprivileged backgrounds, and those facing mental health challenges.

For almost a decade, we have been partnering with horses in nature to provide therapeutic services to our clients. Our focus is on building therapeutic relationships, as we believe that relationships are the catalyst for positive change. Our programs are customized to meet the unique needs of each individual and are supported by scientific research in neuroscience, trauma-informed interventions, attachment theory, polyvagal theory, and equine behavioral science.​

We highly value our horses and this is evident in our partnership with them. At Small Strides, we prioritize equine welfare and utilize Natural & Attuned Horsemanship methods in our work. Our Equine Welfare Policy provides further information on this commitment. Before working with clients, all horses undergo continuous and extensive training. We constantly strive for improvement by collaborating with external instructors and training providers, aiming to enhance our skills with the horses and in developing our own personal growth. Our ultimate goal is to provide the best service to our clients.​

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Whats New

Last summer we ran a pilot project to offer Mental Wellbeing sessions to parents of neurodivergent children. The project was a huge success and thanks to the CIAO Foundation, we have secured some more funding, to run more parent and Carer sessions for those who struggling with their own mental well-being and are caring for neurodivergent children. 


This year we entered the MudMat Charity Campaign, where we had the chance to get donations to acquire mats to provide a winter turnout area to keep the horses out of the mud. This space will also double up to a summer space to keep out lamanitic prone horses off the grass in the summer. It links to our track system so the horses can benefit from maximum turnout in the herd.

Thank you to everyone who donated a mat!


Sponsored Ride & BBQ Charity Event

This summer also saw us hosting a Sponsored Ride & BBQ to raise money for the Ciao Foundation. Our horse sharers, clients, friends and family all took part in the day to show their support. We raised £800 in total.

The Ciao Foundation provide aid, funding, practical support and encouragement to individuals whose life circumstances, health or injuries have resulted in them facing seemingly insurmountable challenges and help them achieve their goals. They have funded many clients to attend Small Strides over the years and we are proud to call them our trusted partners. 

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"Horses change lives. They give our young people confidence and self-esteem. They provide peace and tranquillity to troubled souls, they give us hope."

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