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Equine Assisted Learning & Emotional Trauma Release Therapy

Have a particular life obstacle you’re trying to overcome? Sometimes, seeking help from a professional is the best way to put things into perspective. As a committed, certified Equine Assisted Learning & Emotional Release Practitioner, I will help you improve mental, physical and emotional well-being as well as facilitate the body to start the healing process from past trauma and change limiting beliefs. Through the interaction with horses, known as Therapeutic Horsemanship you are able to start building authentic connected relationships with yourselves and others


"Horses change lives. They give our young people confidence and self-esteem. They provide peace and tranquillity to troubled souls, they give us hope."

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A Bit About Small Strides

Small Strides CIC was established in 2014 to provide Equine Assisted Learning and Activities to people who are looking to improve mental, physical and emotional well-being and learn new skills through the interaction with horses.  

We also provide Equine Assisted EFT Therapy for those looking to heal from past trauma. I primarily work with individuals with long term pain or relationship issues.

We specialize in working with children and adults on the autistic spectrum and additional needs. However, our service is open to anyone who would benefit. We offer a range of Equine Assisted Learning Programs, Educational Programs and Tailored Therapy Programs. We accommodate adults and children (+5), from a range of disadvantaged backgrounds and all levels of ability.  

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EFTMRA & Emotional Trauma Release

Your well-being is my ultimate concern. Since 2018, I have provided clients both locally and afar with EFTMRA and Trauma Energy Healing to help with a whole range of issues, from anxiety and depression, long term pain or illness as well as relationship problems. My therapy sessions are designed to help you release blocked energy in the nervous system from past trauma. The process helps you to identify and change negative limiting beliefs to overcome any blocks in life and live your true potential. Take a look at the services I offer, and get in touch with me today.


EFT & Matrix Re-Imprinting Therapy

In my therapy sessions, I work with each individual to help them overcome any issues they may be facing. I specialize in working with past trauma, relationships pain related issues. Overtime emotional residue and negative beliefs (fear, invalidation, pain) built up in our energy field and nervous system from our life experiences. EFTMRA can release the negative emotions related to past, present or future events that will give you a new perspective and power. This puts you in the driver's seat to end limiting beliefs, kick bad habits for good and change old disempowering patterns. You can be free to make decisions for your life that are true to you and aligned with your purpose.  Get in touch to book an appointment.


Emotional Trauma Release Energy Healing

Feeling a bit down lately and nothing seems to lift your spirits? You many be holding onto the energy of past trauma, have blocked energy systems (aura, meridians or chakras) or holding onto other energies that are not serving your purpose. As a ETR Energy Healer I work intuitively to help you identify where you may be blocked or holding onto negative energies, I assist in clearing, re-balancing and boosting your energy systems, allowing you to let go and move forward giving you a new perspective on life. Please contact me today to see how ETR Healing can help.

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